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This post has been a long time in coming. I've hem-hawed around not really wanting to write it, but knowing that I needed to. The challenge is trying to present a complex topic in an easy-to-read manner. My wife tells me that my brain mostly resides up in the clouds thinking about abstract concepts....things that [...]


For all of you Facebook evangelists who have been promoting the Good and Evil book; I am really excited to share with you the results that we are seeing from YOUR effort!  I have really enjoyed seeing how many people across the world are accessing the Good and Evil site -and so that you could [...]

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Alvin placed a FB ad targeting the country of Indonesia. With minimal cost, and just a few moments of time, he presented 3200 people with the Gospel.

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In his book "Jesus and Muhammad"  Mark Gabriel, a graduate from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Eypt, tells of his conversion to being a follower of Christ. After finding peace with God through a Bible given to him by a Christian pharmacist, he was converted and lived the life of a for a year before [...]

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Bahasa has been on the Good and Evil book website since this spring.... I never did much with this language, and thought it to be sort of a minority language. I was in the process of updating some things on that website when I realized DUH, Bahasa is Indonesian! I felt pretty stupid....but I corrected [...]

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How iMissionaries came to be. (Magazine Article) I've always had great appreciation for the Good and Evil comic book. It is the best printed tool besides the Bible I've ever seen for reaching ordinary people. I remember when the black and white version was first published and I got my hands on a copy. I [...]

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Here lately I've been building a webpage that teaches you how to find a language/people group to evangelize. I put up 3 case studies to give people a better idea of the process. The first study was about a man named John D. and his effort to reach Chinese speaking peoples. (by the way, John [...]

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Well , the site is up and running now. I'm still working out the kinks. Were running this site on Wordpress, and we've got a great framework.  Once I get the "framework" finished, I will start adding LOTS of content. This project is super exciting. I find myself thinking about it even when I am [...]

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Hey guys, Jared here… I read a story the other day about a lady named Laura. She does some awesome work online reaching people for Christ through the internet. I first learned about her through the Joshua Project website. I was on that website doing some research and I came across her story. The past couple days [...]