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Alvin Warren’s iMissionaries testimonial

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When I became a believer in college, I started sharing the gospel and giving out gospel tracts.  Through the years, I’ve noticed that “cartoon” tracts are most likely to get read, even by people who appear outwardly to have no interest in spiritual things, or are even hostile to Christianity.  When I heard about the iMissionaries project last December, I decided to run an ad to people in a country that doesn’t allow Christians to enter as missionaries.  I set my target audience to be all people on Facebook who live in Indonesia and speak Indonesian.  I’m amazed how cheap it was to get someone to visit the Good and Evil Indonesian web site!  It was even cheaper than a gospel tract –AND this gospel “tract” was delivered to an area of the world that doesn’t even allow Christian missionaries!  In 41 days, about 3,200 people clicked on the Good and Evil Indonesian web site through my “campaign” at an average cost of slightly over 3 CENTS per person.  It actually only cost me half that amount because Facebook gave me a $50 coupon to encourage me to start my ad. When I created the ad, it didn’t start right away like I thought it would…..the delay was actually unintentional, due to the payment not being processed immediately; but I’m glad for the delay because it prompted Facebook to give me a coupon …which caused me to reach 1600 more people . . . for free!   I’m already thinking about my next Good and Evil ad . . .

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Some quick facts on Indonesia:

  • Mobile phone penetration is 115%
    (individuals have more than one mobile phone)
  • 23% of mobile phones are smartphones, the remaining 77% are feature phones w/internet access
  • Indonesians used to turn to internet cafes for online access, now they’re turning to mobile
  • 92.9% of internet users are on Facebook

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