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Good and Evil Website Metrics


For all of you Facebook evangelists who have been promoting the Good and Evil book; I am really excited to share with you the results that we are seeing from YOUR effort!  I have really enjoyed seeing how many people across the world are accessing the Good and Evil site -and so that you could see the results for yourself, I have created a statistics page where you can get all sorts of cool info about Good & Evil. Have you ever wondered what the most popular pages are or how many site visitors we get per day?

Right now Arabic-speaking countries are consistently coming in on top. They seem to have a real hunger for the gospel. It’s exciting to see the constant activity in the Arabic language! The total number of visits made to the Good and Evil site  is over 45,500. You are spreading the gospel, and the statistics are here to prove it! Have you been targeting a specific country? Would you like to know more about what is happening behind the scenes? Then you should definitely check out this awesome page. (link)

So, let me explain how it works. I hope you are ready for some geek talk!
To understand the data being presented in the infographic, you need to first understand what we are tracking. Each language page on the Good and Evil website has links to download the book, view the Jesus film, and some pages have an option to read other books or an online Bible  (The Arabic page is like this). We are tracking clicks on each individual page. So for example, if someone goes to the Spanish page and clicks on the book to download it, then we count that as one download. Similarly, clicks on other content and visits to other pages are tracked as well.

good and evil book statistics photo

<!————–[if you're a nerd]————–>
The information presented on the statistics page is all dynamically generated. The data source is updated 5 times a day.
I am pulling data from Google Analytics’ API with something called superProxy. This runs on the Google App Engine (free) and serves as a public datapoint for all the analytics info that I need.  Five times a day superProxy makes a call to Google Analytics to update the data. This new data is cached on the app engine, and I can access it whenever I need to. I can get the data in JSON CSV or TSV formats.The page then utilizes Google Charts to grab the cached data that resides on the app engine (I grab it in JSON format). Based on what type of chart I tell it I need, javascript is used to draw the appropriate chart.
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Oh, and don’t even think about visiting my stats page in an outdated browser! I’ve implemented the Modernizer toolset that detects if your browser can handle the stats page. If not, then you get automatically redirected to a landing page that says Upgrade your browser! I mean seriously, do you want to view a broken stats page with charts that are randomly positioned all over the page?

So have you viewed the Good & Evil stats page yet?

animated good and evil area chart

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