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Reaching Muslims

Jesus (Messiah) and Muhammad book coverIn his book Jesus and Muhammad”  Mark Gabriel, a graduate from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Eypt, tells of his conversion to being a follower of Christ. After finding peace with God through a Bible given to him by a Christian pharmacist, he was converted and lived the life of a  secret believer for a year before eventually fleeing to the US. Here is an excerpt from his story:

…I lived as a “secret Christian” in Egypt. I did not tell my family what I had done, but I casually stopped by the pharmacist’s office when I needed to talk. I asked her many questions about the Bible and Christianity. I took a bus to church instead of driving my car to avoid being followed by radical Muslims. I did not tell my story to members of the church. Large churches in Egypt usually had an Egyptian policeman serving as a security guard at the door of the church. Until the policeman got used to seeing me, I concealed myself within a large group of people when I went in and out of the door. I had to make sure he did not stop me and find out who I was.

During the day, I continued to work with my father as a sales director for his clothing factory. It was only a matter of time before my family found out. One day, completely unplanned, I blurted out the truth to my father. Immediately my father pulled his handgun out of his shoulder holster and fired five bullets at me. Within days I left my home and Egypt permanently. This was the beginning of a long journey that took me from Egypt to South Africa and finally, to the United States where this book was written. I carried the pharmacist’s Bible with me, and I have it to this day. She paid a price for helping me. After I left Egypt, radical Muslims burned down her pharmacy, trying to kill her. Coptic Christians in Egypt told me that she and her husband left the country and immigrated to Canada.

Stories like this are repeated thousands of times over in Muslim countries. Mark and the pharmacist are not the only ones to suffer for Christ. Many Muslim-Christian converts are disowned and killed for their faith. Islam is an intolerant religion that attempts to silence any and all “infidels.”

Mark’s book is written from a unique vantage point. As a native speaker of the Arabic language, and with a PhD in Islamic history and culture, he is well qualified to write a book about Muslims and their beliefs. Having memorized the entire Qu’ran (about the size of the New Testament) by the age of 12, he is intimately familiar with it’s teachings and concepts.

Jesus and Muhammad is one of the few books available that compares Islam and Christianity side by side. When I read it, it helped me understand some of the fundamental differences between Jesus and Muhammad. This is a great book to be used as an evangelistic tool. It is available for download in 5 languages: Arabic  Italian  Spanish  Portuguese  and  English.where is your facebook page you created

Let me show you how easy it is to give this book out (through the internet) to Muslims around the world. If you’ve ran a Facebook ad (click here to see how to do it) you most likely will already have a page that you’ve created for your new feed ads.  I have one here that I created back when I ran an Arabic ad targeting Egypt. Its a small page with not a lot of followers, but I can still reach out to those people who are on it.

Book shared on facebook

 Here you can see I’ve posted on Facebook a cover picture of the book, as well as a link where they can download it. If I wanted to get a little bit fancier, I could run that  download URL through bitly and then be able to track how many people downloaded the book.

Being Muslim in America book coverThe US State department released a booklet entitled Being Muslim in America.  This free book gives insight to Muslim culture and religion, as well as statistics and maps of Muslim immigrant communities within the US.

Do you have additional resources or good information for Muslim evangelism? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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